On a dark and dusty evening, way back in the year of two-thousand fourteen, an epic venture was happened upon, where two creative companions decided to join forces and create a cool, new horror style for the masses to indulge! 

We are, Creepy/Cool Pictures!


Creepy/Cool Pictures is the joint efforts of Producer/Writer Nicole Bird and Director/Editor/Cinematographer Ryan Shovey. By our powers combined, we give you Genre Entertainment! Check out our FILMS PAGE to view our work! Check out the BLOG for all news and random fun!

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Ryan Shovey

Director / Editor / DP  / Musician

My name is Ryan Shovey, and I love movies. In fact, it’s my absolute love for the escapism and dream~like journeys of the medium which caused me to take action in my life and pursue a career in the visual arts; a director and film maker. This is what brought me before you today.

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Nicole Bird


I started loving films as a kid, waking up early in the morning, while everyone else slept, I watched movies that were way too mature for me, like The Graduate, Harold and Maude and The Deer Hunter.  I eventually discovered Star Wars and a life long love affair with storytelling began.