Ryan Shovey

writer / DIRECTOR



--- My name is Ryan Shovey, and I love movies. In fact, it’s my absolute love for the escapism and dream~like journeys of the medium which caused me to take action in my life and pursue a career in the visual arts; a director and film maker.

I love classic film. I love horror film. These two genres thrusted me into creating my first, proper short film Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell~Tale Heart based on Edgar Allan Poe’s famous short story. This won me a CINE Golden Eagle Award For Excellence and started me off on a journey into the world of cinematic creation.

I have made several short films over the years (all of which you can view on this very website), and am writing feature films as we speak. With each step, I have continued to hone my craft, read any book on film making/directing I can get my hands on, and practice with each and every opportunity that presents itself, including hosting The Creepy/Cool Podcast, which is all about filmmaking and geeking out about amazing genre film.


If you would like to know me, watch my films.
— Charlie Chaplin