Headshot Courtesy of   One Fifty Eight Media

Headshot Courtesy of One Fifty Eight Media

Nicole Bird



I started loving films as a kid, waking up early in the morning, while everyone else slept, I watched movies that were way too mature for me, like The Graduate, Harold and Maude and The Deer Hunter.  I eventually discovered Star Wars and a life long love affair with storytelling began.


I devoured films and stories, starting with VHS, but found those were difficult to digest and moved on to DVDs.  Heading to college, I got 2 bachelor’s degrees, one in creative writing and another in film production.  I couldn’t make up my mind and I guess I really wanted to have a personal relationship with my student loan officer.


Then, the heavens parted and I learned of a magical place in the city of Angels: The American Film Institute Conservatory.  You know the American Film Institute, that place that talks about film all the time and they do those lists of films that remind you of how few movies you have seen — that’s the place.  Well, they have a school and decided I was a good enough writer to attend.  And I did.  I packed everything I owned and moved to Los Angeles and it was the best decision I ever made.


I grew up in Florida, which can seem like a crazy, gun-toting, humid, craziest stuff you’ll ever hear about, redneck filled place.  And it is, but it has its charm.  Florida is my ugly sister.  I can say she’s ugly, but if anyone else says it, they are getting served.  But, I digress.  My time at AFI honed my screenwriting skills and put me in touch with like-minded people from all over the world.


I graduated and am now venturing into independent producing.  It’s scary, my palms are usually sweaty but I learn something new everyday.  A special thank you to the those who have answered my questions — thank you for reading my frantic emails, asking about permits, insurance and general law-abiding producer-like questions.


I’m going to dedicate this website to keeping you, or whoever chooses to read this (someone!  Anyone!  Please!!), up to date with my foray into independent filmmaking because I’m just another dreamer/ writer/ producer that wants to see my work on screen and help others do the same.


Thanks for reading! 

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