Episode 12: Night of the Living Dead with Nicole Bird

A funny thing happened while our heroes went to put flowers on a grave stone, today, because they wound up in the Night of the Living Dead! Does George Romero's classic STILL hold up? Is it relevant? Let's discuss!

Today, we talk about the social relevance of this amazingly thrilling horror movie made 50 years ago! It's surprising that an old film and original story could hold so much weight in this current time of unease, but we are able to deconstruct this piece of art in a way that allows us to express our emotions towards the atrocities that we hear about on a daily basis. In fact, Ryan has a great phrase for helping everyone come together, and Nicole discovers that it would make the perfect t-shirt!

We also discuss why horror is relevant throughout history, with a little help from the awesome YouTube channel, Now You See It. Check out the awesome video entitled What Are We Afraid Of? Societal Fears Reflected in Film below in this post.

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