Headshot Courtesy of   One Fifty Eight Media

Headshot Courtesy of One Fifty Eight Media

Ryan Shovey

writer / DIRECTOR



--- My name is Ryan Shovey, and I love movies. In fact, it’s my absolute love for the escapism and dream~like journeys of the medium which caused me to take action in my life and pursue a career in the visual arts; a director and film maker. This is what brought me before you today.


I started my film career, as most do, by watching any and every movie that I could get my hands on early in my life. I knew there was something that I enjoyed by watching Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp scurry about; out-smarting bullies and giving the police the ever-so-needed run-around.


I love classic film. I love horror film. These two genres thrusted me into creating my first, proper short film Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell~Tale Heart based on Edgar Allan Poe’s famous short story. I made this film as my graduating film project from Valencia College in Orlando, FL (2007). I wanted to take the elements I loved from Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton) and Sin City (Robert Rodriguez) and combine them with the words of Poe to make a literal translation of my favorite short story. This won me a CINE Golden Eagle Award For Excellence and started me off on a journey into the world of cinematic creation.


I have made several short films over the years (MirroredI’ll Be Alone For ChristmasLover,  Zeik’s Bad DayHUNTERThe AuditionCecilia; some have won awards, others were nominated, yet, all of which you can view on this very website!). I have directed a few web show episodes, a TV spec pilot (Help Wanted), a music video (Just Take Your Time), and many corporate/commercial type videos (just to pay the bills, of course.) With each step, I have continued to hone my craft, read any book on film making/directing I can get my hands on, and practice with each and every opportunity that presents itself.


I started my journey in Orlando, FL, made my way through New Orleans, and now live in Burbank, CA, emerging as what I have always dreamed of being, a working director. Of course, as with most great film makers, I could not have accomplished anything without a handful of wonderfully, talented people who believed in me enough to devote their time and craft to each and every project I have created. I’ve had a great joy in meeting lasting friends, collaborators, and family in this amazing profession, and in this new day, I look most forward to sharing each and every accomplishment with all who have accepted me and my stories. One of my favorite quotes from one of my most inspirational  directors is this…

If you want to know me, watch my films
— Charlie Chaplin

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